Cohort 2 (Nonprofit) 2013

Each track–nonprofit, state and local government, and public safety–requires 300 contact hours of courses. Of the 300 contact hours, 200 contact hours must be in core competency courses as it applies to the track and 100 contact hours are specific to the track.

Courses by Major Competency Areas – Nonprofit Management Track

Personal and Organizational Integrity
Effective and Appropriate Use of Social Media
Ethics and the Nonprofit Manager
Financial Literacy and Leadership for Nonprofits
Grant Management
Nonprofit Governance and Management: A Legal Framework
Nonprofit Personnel Management
Procurement Strategies for Nonprofits
Revenue Strategies for Nonprofits

Managing Work
Facilitating Effective Meetings
Managing Multiple Priorities
Project Management

Leading People
Building and Leading Teams
Effective Delegation and Coaching
Leading from the Middle
Managing and Promoting Diversity throughout Nonprofit Organizations

Developing Self
Effective Professional Writing
Microsoft Office Tips and Techniques for Improved Personal Productivity
Presentations Skills for Public Managers
Program Overview
Understanding Your Leadership Style

Systemic Integration
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Data Based Decision Making
Effective Performance Measurement
Information and Technology in the Public Sector
Marketing and Branding
Program Evaluation for Nonprofits
Strategic Management for Nonprofits

Public Service Focus
Public Advocacy for Nonprofits
The Legislative Process

Change Leadership
Capstone Project
Conflict Management & Effective Negotiation