Maryland Certified Public Manager® Program Cohort 5 Program Schedule

Download a PDF of the Nonprofit Cohort 5 program Schedule for printing here.

Date Course Name
09/08/16 Program Orientation
Leadership Style and Personal Productivity
09/15/16 Understanding Your Leadership Style Session 1
09/16/16 Understanding Your Leadership Style Session 2
10/20/16 Nonprofit Governance and Management: A Legal Framework (Nonprofit group)
10/21/16 Public Sector Ethics
11/16/16 Personality Style and Effectiveness
11/17/16 Information and Technology Update & Microsoft Office Software Tools
11/18/16 (A.M.) Managing Multiple Priorities
11/18/16 (P.M.) Effective Delegation and Coaching
Strategic Management
12/08/16 Effective Performance Measurement
12/09/16 Strategic Management in the Public Sector
01/19/17 Lean Process Session 1
01/20/17 Lean Process Session 2
02/15/17 Project Management
02/16/17 Lean Process Session 3
Managing Others
02/17/17 A.M.) Capstone Project Work Session 1*
02/17/17 (P.M.) Leading from the Middle
03/16/17 Innovation in the Public Sector
03/17/17 Nonprofit Personnel Management (Nonprofit group)
Public Personnel Management: A Legal Framework (Government group)
04/19/17 Managing and Promoting Diversity in the Public Sector
Leading Teams – Working Across Boundaries
04/20/17 Capstone Project Work Session 2*
04/21/17 Conflict Management and Effective Negotiation Session I
05/17/17 Hold for Inclement Weather Closing Make Up Day
05/18/17 Building and Leading Teams
05/19/17 Conflict Management & Effective Negotiation Session 2
Using Data to Improve Organizational Effectiveness
06/21/17 (A.M.) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
06/21/17 P.M.) Data Based Decision Making
06/22/17 Program Evaluation Session 1
Managing Public Funds
07/20/17 Procurement and Contracting in the Public Sector
07/21/17 Revenue Strategies in Nonprofits (Nonprofit group)
Public Sector Budgeting & Finance (Government group)
09/14/17 Financial Literacy and Leadership for Nonprofit Managers (Nonprofit group)
09/15/17 Program Evaluation Session 2
10/19/17 Grants Management
10/20/17 Capstone Project Work Session 3*
Communication and Promotion
11/16/17 Effective Professional Writing
11/17/17 Presentations Skills for Public Managers
12/07/17 Effective and Appropriate Use of Social Media
12/08/17 Marketing and Branding
In the Public Interest
01/24/18 Capstone Project Work Session 4*
01/25/18 Administrative Law/Nonprofit Advocacy
01/26/18 The Legislative Process
02/15/18 Capstone Projects Presentations and Graduation (Tentative)
*Note: The Capstone sessions are delivered throughout the Program cycle
Classes are offered during the day between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The program dates are subject to change.