September 24, 2013: Maryland’s Certified Public Manager Program Earns Accreditation

August 9, 2013: Maryland Certified Public Manager Advisory Board announcements, Baltimore Business Journal

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Stacie Hunt
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Mark Furst

August 8, 2013: In an Aug. 8 letter to The Baltimore Sun, Dr. Ann Cotten, director of the University of Baltimore’s Schaefer Center for Public Policy, responds to a recent report that the federal government has provided insufficient support to encourage future leadership in the public sector.

Excerpt: “Today’s and tomorrow’s complex environment includes myriad issues that promise to test the most seasoned and experienced leaders,” Cotten writes. “To successfully respond to changes brought on by new realities, new and seasoned managers alike must learn to adapt and acquire new skills and knowledge.”
Cotten notes that the University’s Maryland Certified Public Manager Program offers a solution to this vexing issue, through its partnerships with state and local governments and nonprofits, and its course offerings for public-sector professionals at all skill levels.

Read the letter, and the article.